Dharma House
January 2017

In attendance

  • Milissa Wales
  • Jim Manos
  • Susan Hessel
  • Kim Wright
  • Marie Jacobson
  • Michael Feifarek
  • Lhundup Chodon

Issues at hand

  • At January 2017 Board meeting all members resigned. Temporary Board was put together for January meeting to keep 501 status (need 5 people).
  • There will be elections in April for permanent Board members.

Transitional Board Goals

New Board Members

  • Involve community, in a transparent way, on how the Board members are elected.
  • Research other Buddhist communities on how board members are elected and identify bylaws. 8-10 people needed.
  • Need to pull together a subcommittee to work on bylaw changes. Kim is willing to help tweak bylaws for a smoother transition. Melissa, Sue, and Kim volunteered to work on this issue. Mike will talk with old Board members about the bylaws as well.

Financial Policy

  • Financial items that were talked about: Voted to give Jim Manos legal responsibility and authorization to act as treasurer and accounts. Voted/Passed
  • Need to move and reuse 2016 budget for 2017 to keep Dharma house running. Voted/Passed
  • Review and revise financial board; Jim will bring recommendations to the next board meeting. Issues talked about are; Using debit cards instead of credit cards, reducing credit cards. Too many out there, reassess 4th qtr. 2016 budget for 2017.Pull together new 2017 budget, Insurance issues/responsibilities. Who has that role?

Committees that are needed

  • Finance, Fundraising, Education, Retreat, Communication